The Power of Stardust 2 6

16th Nov 2019, 12:59 AM

The Power of Stardust 2 6
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Otto Gruenwald on 16th Nov 2019, 12:59 AM

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The alliance between Hitler's Germany and the Vril-Ya was one of necessity. When German explorers discovered the Vril-Ya's subterranean nation they found the power source from which the Vril-Ya took their name responded more readily to their mental commands. While the Germans took this as a sign that an ancient "Aryan" race were the true builders of the Vril-Ya nation and the Vril-Ya nothing but a slave race inheriting what their masters built, it was because humanity was a young race with a fresh noosphere which Vril found easier to work with. Vril destroys all barriers and removes all obstacles, but a flood travels faster over flat terrain compared to one with obstructions.

If raw power was all there was to Vril manipulation, it is likely that Germany would have subjugated the Vril-Ya. They had no love for a matriarchal nation that regarded humanity as apes with ego. But the Germans required training and that meant willing Vril-Ya teachers.

The Vril-Ya were careful not to reveal all their secrets to the Germans least they lose their usefulness to the Axis cause. Though secret teachings gradually leaked to German Vril academies through a small, heretical German/Vril-Ya alliance that believed miscegenation between the two would create the true master race, at no time during the war did Germany's Vril masters know all the secrets of the Vril-Ya.

Many historians have wondered if the outcome of the war could have changed if the Vril-Ya had been more forthcoming.

The Nazis may have ultimately been defeated by their inability to fully gain the trust of a race as convinced of their superiority as they were of their own.

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Jordan179 on 16th Mar 2021, 12:51 PM

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From Bulwer-Lytton?

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